Session Schedule:

Morning Session: June 8 (9am to 12pm NY EDT)

Evening Session: June 8 (7pm to 10pm NY EDT)

This has been one of the most requested sessions. I have got a lot of emails from previous attendees sharing the fantastic results of this healing technique.

so what is generational healing?

Generational Healing, also known as Ancestral Healing is aimed at healing up to 6 generations before us. We are the first generation and we go heal our ancestors' generations to heal our present generation. By doing generational healing the negative patterns that are happening in our family now will not carry over to our children's generation and the next generations.

As we heal ourselves, we heal our ancestral line. As we heal our ancestral line, we heal ourselves. In this session, I am teaching the technique how to heal the generations before us. And as you do the practice, I help you in healing your ancestral line. This way you get a boost in healing.

Generational healing is not a one-time healing session. Everyone is expected to continue the healing especially if there are many people in your family affected by certain health (physical or psycho-emotional) problems.

Many people who had attended before had shared testimonials on how this healing had healed certain situations in their family, or seeing miracles in healing their patients.

To join this session you must have taken Advanced Pranic Healing.

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