I invite you to join me for Inner Secrets of the Heart....

EVERYONE is welcome to join!

So what is Inner Secrets of the Heart Meditation?

It is a meditation where we access the Wisdom of our Heart Chakra. Our Heart Chakra is connected to our Higher Soul who only has the best interest for our incarnated soul, the energy occupying this physical body.

When our incarnated soul is experiencing 'humanness' in the physical body, it encounters problems and sometimes, we, as the body with a conscious mind, do not know how to solve our problems....but our heart knows the answer.

I will be guiding the group in accessing the heart to find answers to your questions. Before joining, prepare questions that you want answered. Maybe you are torn between choices regarding your career or business. Or maybe which university is the best one for your child. Or maybe which home to buy....or which goal to choose.....and so on.

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Morning Session:

June 9 (9am to 11:30am NY EDT)

Evening Session:

June 9 (7pm to 9:30pm NY EDT)

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Morning Session:

Evening Session:

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