Understanding the law of karma is essential to create a life filled with love, joy, peace, good health, abundance, and prosperity. The law of the consequences is not fatalistic because in essence what we plant we shall reap.

Are you interested in creating a happier healthier more abundant life?

Are you happy with the fruits you are harvesting today?

Are you aware of the kind of seeds you are planting for the future?

Join me for a fascinating experiential lecture to understand at a deeper level the law of karma so you can use it as a technology to create a great future for yourself and your family.

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Morning Session:

June 27 (9am to 12pm NY EDT)

Evening Session:

June 27 (7pm to 10pm NY EDT)

During this session Master Marilag will be healing inner blockages preventing us from creating and attracting prosperity & abundance at all levels: Material & financial success, successful relationships, physical, emotional, mental & spiritual prosperity and well-being.

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Morning Session:

Evening Session:

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