Do you know that your name has a vibration? And this vibration is what you emanate? Are you aware that you can scan your name to get answers about yourself?

This fascinating topic, Power of Your Name, is coming up soon. It is a brand-new topic, something I have never offered online. Take this opportunity to know more about the vibration of your name. Click the button below to register.

They say that we choose our name. That our soul dictates to our parents what we want our name to be. It's amazing to know that our name vibrates at the same rate as ours.

I will show you how you can scan your name and how to use this ability to be able to heal yourself, your loved ones and your friends through their name. With this knowledge, you can do some tweaks in your name to have a more powerful name.

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Come and join me in this unique topic on July 10 and let's have fun discovering the power of your name.

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Morning Session:

July 10 (9am to 11am NY EDT)

Evening Session:

July 10 (8pm to 10pm NY EDT)

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Morning Session:

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